Month: January 2014

We Expect at Least Some Useful Information

While pursuing information on an older work on the Pastorals I stumbled across Spurgeon’s comment on a treatment of these letters by Henry Raper Slade. Spurgeon stated simply, “Utter rubbish. Dear [expensive] at a gift.” That is such a devastating comment, that I searched for more information on this book. Apparently others shared Spurgeon’s assessment. Here is the review from The Church of England Quarterly Review:

Wow! This is the worst Pastoral Epistles review I’ve seen. It is so bad that it’s funny; and, it is an encouragement to make sure in my writing to provide “at least some useful information.”

Thornton Review of Wall & Steele

“The Pastoral Epistles are often treated as canonical delinquents, forced to sit silently in the corner.”

With this sentence, which echoes one of my central concerns, Dillon Thornton opens his review of the recent commentary on the Pastorals by Robert Wall and Richard Steele. Thornton provides a nice, evenhanded overview and assessment of this volume. While acknowledging interpretive differences, Thornton appreciates the theological treatment but regrets the lack of exegetical depth required in the series format. This is a helpful review and I encourage you to give it a look.