Kenneth Archer has added to the literature on the Holy Spirit in the Pastoral Epistles with a new article in the journal produced by the Society for Pentecostal Studies:

Archer, Kenneth J. “The Spirit in the Pastoral Epistles: Inspiring, Gifting, Sanctifying Presence.” Pneuma 43.3–4 (2021): 532–37.

Abstract: “The pneumatology of the Pastoral Epistles (PE) appears at first glance to be rather limited. The term pneuma occurs only seven times in the PE. In this essay, I will address the seven references in canonical order and then summarize the pneumatology of the PE. The PE reinforce the traditional systematic theological perspective of the role of the Spirit as active in revelation and the salvation process and as empowering persons for service. The Holy Spirit is the main person of the Trinity actively working in eschatological salvation for all by bringing forth the fruit of holiness and working powerfully through the sufferings of gifted persons.”