The Pastoral Epistles Study Group has been active in the Evangelical Theological Society for a number of years. Presently, the Steering Committee is chaired by Greg Couser, with Greg MaGee, Ben Merkle, Tim Swinson, and Ray Van Neste also serving on the committee. The study group has articulated its purpose as follows:

“An exploration of the implications of recent scholarship in the Pastoral Epistles for contemporary Pauline Theology. We intend to pursue questions such as: What effect would a robust integration of the theology of the Pastoral Epistles have on contemporary understandings of Paul? And, conversely, what effect has the general dismissal of the Pastoral Epistles had on contemporary understandings of Paul? What has recent scholarship in the Pastoral Epistles offered to the question of their authorship and theology?

“Though many evangelicals are committed to the Pauline authorship of the Pastoral Epistles most contemporary summaries of Paul’s thought virtually leave them out. Even despite the many recent developments in the study of the Pastoral Epistles, little has been done to consider what this now offers for the issue of authorship and for our understanding of Pauline Theology. It appears to be an opportune moment to re-open the issue of the place and importance of the Pastoral Epistles for our understanding of Paul.”