Month: June 2014

New Coptic Fragments of 2 Timothy & Titus

In the most recent Journal of Biblical Literature, Brice C. Jones has published an article on three new Coptic papyrus fragments that witness text of the Pastoral Epistles.

Brice C. Jones, “Three New Coptic Papyrus Fragments of 2 Timothy and Titus (P.Mich. inv. 3535b)”. Journal of Biblical Literature, no 2 (2014): 389–397. Read more

Jack Barentsen’s Emerging Leadership in the Pauline Mission

Just judging from the title, one may not realize that Jack Barentsen’s Emerging Leadership in the Pauline Mission: A Social Identity Perspective on Local Leadership Development in Corinth and Ephesus (Pickwick, 2011) deals extensively with the Pastoral Epistles. In fact in the nine chapters one deals exclusively with 1 Timothy and another with 2 Timothy.

Bartensen is concerned to trace cultural leadership patterns through the Corinthian correspondence, Ephesians and 1-2 Timothy since in a fairly close proximity (between Corinth and Ephesus) you have this many letters written to churches over the span of Paul’s ministry. This reading, of course, depends on Pauline authorship of each of these letters and Bartensen provides a good brief defense of Pauline authorship of the 1-2 Timothy. Read more

Publications on the PE in 2013 &2014

Keeping up with new publications on a certain topic can be quite a challenge. Howard Marshall once told me that when he began teaching it was possible to read everything that came out on the New Testament. He went on to comment on how hard it is now just to keep up with one specific area.

Chuck Bumgardner has helpfully passed along the following bibliography of items which deal specifically at some length with the Pastorals which have been published in 2013 or so far in 2014. I found it to be a thorough list, adding only a few items myself. If you know of others please mention it by emailing us at pastoralepistles at gmail dot com. Read more