The preliminary schedule for ETS 2021 is out, and the following sessions should be of direct interest to students of the Pastorals.

Pastoral Epistles study group

The study group is coordinating with the conference theme of “Wealth and Poverty” and includes the following sessions:

Gary L. Shultz Jr., “Wealth, Contentment, and Union with Christ in the Pastorals.”
Martin Sheldon, “Generous Giving as a Means of Storing Up Treasure for the Coming Age (1 Tim 6:17–19).”
Timothy Swinson, “Covetousness or Charity: One Face of the ‘Lawful’ Use of the Law in 1 Timothy.”
Greg A. Couser, “Bondage or Blessing? Resolving the Tension in Paul’s Teaching on Wealth in 1 Tim 6.”

Other sessions

Terry Wilder, “Revisiting Pseudonymity, the New Testament, and the Noble Lie.”
Bruce A. Sabados, “From Whom You Have Learned Them: The Role of Ethos in Paul’s Second Letter to Timothy.”
David R. Wallace, “Paul’s Instruction in 1 Timothy 3:8–13: Men and Women Deacons?”
Philip B. Payne, “Seven Reasons to Identify the πρεσβύτας, πρεσβύτιδας, and νεωτέρους in Titus 2:2–8 as Elders.”
Sandra Glahn, “The ‘Widow’ in the Early Church: Marital Demarcation, Office Title, or Both?”
Greg Stiekes, “The Fall of Eve in the Letters of Paul”