An addition to the literature on 1 Timothy 2:15 was brought to my attention today. It is the published version of a presentation given at the 2018 SBL annual meeting:

Adam Booth, “The Pastor among the Physicians: 1 Tim 2:15 and Salvation in a Context of Contested Health Claims.” Revue Biblique 128.4 (2021): 593–608.

Abstract: “1 Tim 2:15 claims that women will be saved through childbearing. The language used to speak of salvation has a more basic meaning of physical health. This paper investigates how medical opinion contemporary to the letter would have evaluated the claim that childbearing was salubrious and shows that that question was contested. Are the Pastor’s hearers being called to see salvation as intimately connected with bodily forms of life for women socially valorized as ‘healthy’ or to see salvation as entangled with bodily danger?”