This is Benjamin Fiore’s $amz(0814658148 The Pastoral Epistles) in the Sacra Pagina series. The review is available on RBL, of course. On authorship, Fiore thinks the Pastorals are pseudonymous, dated between 80-90 (largely because he sees the ecclesiology of the Pastorals as somewhere between so-called ‘genuine’ Paulines and Ignatius).

I’ve read Fiore’s introduction and parts of the commentary; overall it is good though is presuppositions do flavor the commentary. As with anything, it is best to read critically.

The primary reason I’d purchased Fiore (last year at SBL) was to get a specifically Catholic commentary on the Pastorals. Since then, Baker Academic has published $amz(0801035813 Montague’s volume on the Pastorals for the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture) series. If you’re looking for a volume on the Pastorals written from a Catholic perspective, I’d recommend $amz(0801035813 Montague) over $amz(0814658148 Fiore).